Gift Bundle

Gift Bundle

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Send your people a handmade journal, plus a handwritten card that says, "Thinking of You".  

We could all use a little extra love right now.  Do you know a nurse or medical professional that could use some encouragement?  How about a school teacher who is hurriedly trying to figure out ‘distance learning’?⁣  Maybe you know a mom who just became a school teacher overnight?! (Ha!)  Or a high school or college senior who could use some extra love right now. ⁣

We wanted to offer you a way to encourage your people & simply, remind them that you’re thinking of them right now. ⁣

We will mail them a handwritten card (you tell us what to write) & a burlap journal. For $15. Shipping is included. ⁣

We think that in the middle of what can feel like chaos, the Lord can use this time in history for GOOD. ⁣