Blossom 2-in-1 Necklace
Blossom 2-in-1 Necklace

Blossom 2-in-1 Necklace

A great two-in-one set, the Blossom Necklaces can be worn together or separately to make the perfect statement for any outfit!

30" chain, 10" chain

Real Gold Plated, Paper Beads, Cow Leather


The DuHope Story


DuHope is an ethical brand that creates opportunity for Rwandan women to exit sex work. To date we have equipped over 30 women with job skills, spiritual development, education, and a way to earn a sustainable income with dignity. We currently have 11 women in artisan training that have a desire to take their skills to the next level. At DuHope we create a safe and holistic way for women to exit sex work while walking alongside them in faith, hope, love, and dignity.


Selling her body for less than a dollar per client, the women at DuHope were desperate. Many have suffered trauma as a result of poverty and being highly vulnerable women. Poverty forced them to leave their villages and come to the capital city of Kigali to find work, but only to end up without a way to survive. Others have become pregnant and are hopeless as to how to care for their children. Lacking education or job skills, the only asset these women could see was selling their own bodies to survive.  


DuHope is a social enterprise started by Belay Global. Through generous donors and the purchase of handmade jewelry, accessories, and soap we are able to provide a holistic approach to care for these women. They receive needed counseling, on-site childcare, meals, literacy skills, job training and other vital services. With essential training in jewelry and soap-making, they are being empowered to live healthy and purposeful lives. By creating an environment of dignity, honor, and dedication, DuHope is creating opportunity for women to have sustainable livelihoods.